Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Crows, Widows and Tourists

Awesome preaching at church last Sunday that I got to hear a few hours after I posted my last entry. We're hardly ever at the Sunday services these days since the Saturday service started earlier this year. My reason is plain and simple - I like indulging in nothingness to fully recharge for the week. Sundays for K and I are either spent at home or out and about doing something random.


But last Sunday we wanted to see our friends who just got back from the US so we agreed to drag ourselves over to the center to see them and in turn, attend the 1PM service. A preaching series called Fear Factor had just started recently so the focus this week was on the 'Fear of Lack'.

Talk about timing. I heard just what I needed to hear! The reading was taken from Matthew with an illustration from 1 Kings. The story of Elijah and how he hid and how God sent crows to feed him, and then when the crows stopped showing up with food, God used a widow from a poor region to feed Elijah.

We just never really know how God is going to provide. He can use stingy crows or poor widows. Allow me to explain. I was assuming that since I do freelance voicings for radio and TV commercials, I would be getting a project, like I normally do, from out of nowhere when I most need the extra cash.

But after hearing Sunday's preaching, I realized it's not my business to decide how the money will come. So now, I've got my eyes wide open to any black birds or spouse-lessed women. (It's a metaphor. I'm not weird. At least, I'd like to think I'm not.)

I'm on the verge of losing my permanent resident status here in the Philippines. I never saw this coming, nor in my wildest dreams hoped I would ever have to. But a series of events, including the theft of my laptop bag, has left me with no choice. Too many details to get into but suffice it to say that - I don't have the requirements to change my permanent resident paper to a permanent resident card because my ORIGINAL US DOCUMENTS WERE STOLEN.

I'll spare you the sad, sorry details and regale you with updates on how I will soon have to become a Tourist in order to stay here legally. I find comfort in the fact that I'm leaving the country anyway. My hope is to eventually look into Dual Citizenship some day.

But that'll be fodder for a future post on this blog. Way future post.

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SexyMom said...

sad to hear about the theft, and the hassles attached to this. hope and pray that you will be able to organize your documents and visa, too.

Thelma said...

thanks! appreciate the thought. i'm actually a US citizen but my daughter is not. this is why i'm petitioning her. =)