Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Economy Through Third World Eyes

While it is supposedly no longer politically correct to use the terms First World or Third World as these are now known as Developed and Developing respectively, I figured Third World sounds better as a blog title. I write it with pride, having lived in such a country for twenty seven years.

Over lunch at work recently, a colleague and I glanced at the cafeteria TV tuned into CNN when news of an economic bail out plan was announced. I couldn't help but comment that until one has experienced living without anything, can one find the right perspective through all of this.

"I come from a country where people live at dumpsites and make a living sifting through trash. This is nothing."

He looked at me in as much agreement he could muster.

"I guess it's all a matter of perspective," I continued.

He smiled. "I guess you're right."

I wonder what will happen in the next six months. If anything, K and I have lived through a season of homelessness and noodles and hotdogs before. I guess if we have to go through this again, we can always say we've had practice.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Joy of Working at a Hotel

Dessert today at the employee cafeteria. For real.

A light and fluffy white chocolate pyramid.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Heads or Tails

Killing time at the library where the air conditioning is cold and the Wifi is free. I'm listening to Broken Social Scene's Shoreline. I do this weird thing wherein I can listen to a song on repeat for hours (My spins will prove it.) and just get lost writing.

I don't know why I do this. For some reason, a song, or songs, put me in the zone to blog. And judging by how sporadically I've been posting, I haven't had much time to listen to my iTunes!

One of the reasons I wanted to move back to the US is to go back to school. Not just the many libraries with free Wifi and fifty item checkout limit. Nor the amazing convenience of debit cards and online shopping... It was the possibility of going back to school. One of my unfinished and much lamented unchecked goals in life. I've been out of the classroom since getting pregnant at eighteen. Marriage and morning sickness made me leave university a year shy of a degree in Literature.

The past twenty years have given me an education in the School of Hard Knocks where I earned a Master's Degree. But I want the real thing now. I think in my late thirties, it's safe to say I'm done with angst and finally ready to be a grown-up.

So here are my choices:

A) Finish my degree in Literature or;
B) Get a degree in Public Relations.

The former was born out of my love for books; the latter, from eighteen years of working in communications, i.e. broadcasting, call center communications training, web content maintenance.

The US has not been kind in my job search for something similar to my experience so I figure I'll just start from scratch. In the meantime, I shall keep slugging away at the hotel. And since I just got promoted to supervisor, I have no complaints.

Let's see where this goes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday Night Lights the Twitter Way

As I stand here at Hard Rock watching local rock bands, I must admit I miss my sometime rock and roll lifestyle of yore minus the bad stuff. TwitterBerry

The bassist on stage reminds me of my Philippine famous ex-husband with the long hair and the headbanging. Trudged home half deaf before turning into a pumpkin, resolving we shall start hitting the clubs to catch more bands. We smile at tonight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Kids

I realize I need to streamline and further niche this blog to reflect only my observations and reflections on returning to a country I used to call home after twenty-seven years.

That though is debatable. After almost a year since coming back, I pine for the Philippines and often find myself thinking of it as home.

I still feel dislocated and untethered at times. For now, home is where my family is, and that would be our apartment in Orlando.

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