Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Days 56 to 63 of 90: Domesticating the Diva

Now that Kyera is finally here, I find myself doing the stuff I missed out on doing when she was growing up - homemaking. Being a single parent since she was two, I have spent the last fifteen years making a living. And though I did spend a year and a half playing house as a pregnant newlywed, having helpers didn't really render me fully domesticated.

I'm so thankful that my mom made me do chores as a child in Portland, Oregon, and for the brief season that I did have a husband to take care of. These seasons prepared me for my recent housekeeping stint at the mall, and this now, wherein I do nothing but the following:

Gears are gonna shift again soon when I start working though. It'll be all of the above and then some. Speaking of which, please pray with me for my job hunting in Orlando to be successful. I'd like to call this place home.

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