Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve 2008

Will come up with my list of goals for the new year soon enough. And will post a timeline of events that brought us from the Philippines to/back to the US too. That, and the obligatory gratitude blog for the year that was.

But for now, as I sit in my aunt's quiet living room with the TV competing for my attention (why I cannot turn it off is fodder for another blog), I'm missing the chaos of Manila's New Year's Eve. Firecrackers going off around the neighborhood as early as... 7AM; the busy kitchens abuzz with the clash and clang of pots and pans; the squeals of happy children in the streets; the busy driveways filled with guests; radios at full blast; heavy traffic at open air fireworks venues.

I miss it all and then some.

As the Style Network lures me away from this blog to put me in a numbed state, my eyes will soon glaze over from non-stop channel surfing. At least, I won't feel the sadness of missing the madness we have left behind.


SexyMom said...

Happy New Year Thelma and Kyera! for you and your loved ones, my prayers for a 2008 filled with abundant blessings and joy, and may love, hope and peace reign in your hearts.

Anonymous said...

dear joey,

you'll be joey to me forever.

happy new year.

bless you.

=des aka starrybucks

Thelma said...

sexymom! =) 2008 has been good to us so far. i pray the same for you.

Thelma said...

starrybucks! thanks for stopping by! i appreciate hearing form you. i use "joey" at work nowadays. it's a great way for people to remember me! =)