Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Night Art

It's been awhile now since we've watched any arthouse films. Living in Orlando, one's expectations of such endeavors are thought not be realized. Or so we assumed.

But before we are accused of being hypocritical tourism capital living, big blockbuster watching poseurs, allow me to explain. Kyera and I love movies. Plain and simple. I've dragged her to watch things beyond her years and I'm happy to say that she's developed a wonderful taste in cinema. All kinds.

Today we found a movie we've been wanting to watch - Young@Heart. It was recently in limited release very briefly. Tonight it's at a cinema cum cafe called Enzian Theater. Cinema with restaurant style dining inside the auditorium kind of cafe. Pretty. Cool.

We ordered a Margerhita Pizza. Since K got in on a Student Discount, we splurged a tiny bit.

Check it out at for details.

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