Sunday, March 25, 2007

Where to...?

As we wait for K to finally get over her shyness and post an entry, here's what's going on in my head.

Hawaii... or Florida... or New York? Pearl City or Orlando or Miami or Tallahassee or NYC? Still figuring out where to go. Hmmm. All factors are being considered - cost of living, job market, ballet school, community college, and friends. Do I work for a ministry? Or do I fling myself back in the marketplace?

Waiting for God to point us in the right direction and forcing myself to be absolutely neutral about a destination. I'll let God decide. And guide our steps. I have four weeks until I file K's petition and move on to Step 2 - decide on where to go so I can start making concrete steps to get there.

I could Project Manage this whole thing but I prefer to keep a massive To-Do list with Due Dates. For now, at least. And this blog for my random thoughts that actually help bring clarity to this big step.

Any thoughts?

song playing on my ipod: cartwheels by the reindeer section


Inglesera said...

Hey Thelma, I see that the blogging in compartments bug has bit you. :) It's a cool idea though, to tag team with thy daughter. Oh, and I like the "song playing on iPod" detail, kinda like what I do. It's fun pala to read it. Haha. I just do it, but reading someone else's little details of what swims in their brain apart from what has been posted truly brings you closer to your readers. I wish your blogs long life, especially once another entrance and exit takes place. :)

Thelma said...

hey thanks for stopping by, inglesera! =) i actually got the idea of posting my songs from you, my dear! hahaha! your wp blog which i just recently started to poke around.