Monday, March 26, 2007


hey mom... i'm finally writing something on this. happy? :) help me with the tags... i can't seem to figure out which ones go where in your category.

anyway, i have a lot of thoughts about our move to wherever. but, i can't seem to grasp all of them. hopefully this blog'll help me to do that... just like what mom said.


Thelma said...

just put tags like you would in multiply... here they're called labels... =)

mykol antigua said...

hey, thelma (weirdly, you'll always be Joey to me!)! I finally found your blog.. and you!!! Nice to hear all about what you and your daughter are up to. She's all grown up. Last time I saw you guys was a long time ago... somewhere outside SM Makati I think, remember?

Glad to see you all look good... Your blogs are a nice read. I can imagine you talking. You look thinner in your photo. Good. Good....


Thelma said...

and by thinner you mean i'm not?! =) LOL!

super thanks for stopping by. will blogroll chewing the fat. i still haven't decided which i like more - wp or blogger...?

see ya!