Monday, April 2, 2007


Got a message on Skype from my pastor friend in Hawaii who has my resume. He says we need to talk soon. I’m curious. This whole journey began the last week of January after a conversation with R and J about my needing to petition K before she turns eighteen. Two weeks later, my pastor friend P arrives from Hawaii for two weeks of R & R and into his hands (or rather Inbox), I delivered my resume.Going on in my head at the time were the thoughts: it would be wise to have a job waiting for me wherever we end up; and a good community college or ballet school or troupe for K.

The former is for a sense of security since I am, after all, responsible for another human being; the latter is important for my future prima ballerina whose life I am about to drastically change. I know I can trust God for both, but I am doing my part of the equation in taking action.

It’s been roughly a week since that Skype chat and I’m patiently waiting for the real one. I bide my time poking around message boards on moving to Hawaii and sifting through random jobs available on the job market. I’d have to start from scratch as a voice talent or radio talent, if at all…

The common denominator on Hawaii is that it is expensive… but gorgeous. And laid back. Expensive.

It also has a very large Filipino community.

Hmmm. Do I want to move us where it will look familiar – fellow brown faces and palm trees but in the US? Or do I keep my options open and do my homework on Orlando and Tallahassee, Florida?

Aloha. For now.

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