Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My good friend R just sent me an SMS on my mobile that his daughter D finally got her Visa. I am ecstatic with him and J. They are both good friends. And since they are the catalysts of my journey, I'm encouraged by this news.

D and R will now be joining J and the next chapter remains to be written - will they stay there or will they come back? R says they will come back. I'm a firm believer in God changing our plans, so I eagerly await what's next for them.

My mind has been on Florida for a couple of days now. Three cities to be exact.

Tallahassee is where my favorite people and good friends now live. The T family has generously and lovingly offered us a place to stay for a season until we settle in, i.e. get a job, an apartment, a school, etc. We are like family and I feel very secure in knowing I can run to them. Besides, K and I love their three boys - the 3Zs - and would jump at any chance to babysit and play with them.

Miami is the site of a church plant this year and it has many possibilities for us. I have acquaintances moving there for this exact purpose but I'm not too sure about whether K and I are called there. It does look like a multi-ethnic, vibrant city. And I'm sure it would be an adventure to call it home.

Orlando is a city I wrote about for work. And the site of another church plant this year. Friends will be moving there. That is a big plus for me - to be with familiar people. People who will be in the same situation of relocating. K will be with friends. And so will I.

Much more to post but have my mind on my embassy visit tomorrow. As K blogged, we're doing a Moses and letting God part our Red Sea.

This is officially step one.

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sexy mom said...

the Lord is so good--all our plans fall in their proper places, not our will, but His. God bless you and K.
and thanks dear, for dropping by!

Thelma said...

thanks, sexy mom! if anything, our faith is surely being stretched. i leave it up to Him.