Monday, April 9, 2007

simple thing

mom's filing the petition this week already. i feel... excited? scared? hmmm.. you got a thesaurus? hehehe. excited i guess since this is the first step and the first step in any situation is very vital. right? right.

scared because once the first step is done, things will most likely seem so... final. i know there's the visa interview thing and other concerns but, i know that god's gonna take care of all those things.

i'm reminded of moses and his staff. god told him to do that one simple thing - raise his staff. moses obeyed, after some reluctance, and god parted the red sea. we're doing that simple thing that we are capable of. raising our staff and letting god do the rest.


Thelma said...

great revelation, hunny! i'm keeping this in mind.

sexy mom said...

blind faith, dear, blind faith. what is best will happen.