Friday, April 27, 2007

The One About the Ballerina

K just got promoted to the Advanced Class at her Ballet School. I am so proud of her! What makes this such a tremendous accomplishment is the fact that she just started taking class last September 4, 2006.

I enrolled her when she was three but she hated it and gave up after a lesson. She asked to enroll again at the age of eight and lasted six weeks and one recital.

So when she asked me for lessons at the age of sixteen, I was hesitant. But wanting to be supportive, I had her do research on whether it was not too late for her to start.

She was told it wasn't and enrolled the first Monday of September.

K turned 17 last December and we gave her pointe shoes. Her father and I split the cost.

This week, she started with the Advanced Class and is loving every painful minute of it - the 500 crunches, the daily pointe class, the tandem stretching. She is obsessed with ballet. Always in dance forums and ballet sites online, and doing anything she can to get better, better, better.

Which is why I need to be sure that where we end up in the US will have a great ballet school for her to keep doing what she lives, breathes and eats (or not) for. I could not bear the thought of taking her away from something that is so important to her and which, remarkably feels the same way about her.

song playing on my windows player: she talks to angels by the black crowes

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sexy mom said...

oh, that's good to know. i always thought that ballet dancers had to start very young, and had to continuously take lessons to be good ones.