Friday, May 4, 2007

A Page from My Dream Book

Didn't realize it's been more than a week since we've posted. Lots of things going on in real life. I'm sure you know how that gets in the way. And my Twitterholicism allows me my daily blogging fix so if you're on Twitter, you understand the feeling, and convenience, of a micro-blog!

As I type this entry, it is a quiet Saturday morning in our apartment in Manila. I am now officially borrowing the iPod video that I used to own. I gave it to K whose iPod mini is on its death throes. It's either a glitch from its 2005 manufacturing or just the full extent of its lifespan. Sigh. If only they weren't so expensive here in the Philippines...

Expense is relative though depending on ones point of reference. Standards of living come into play. And because the Philippines is a developing country, what is cheap here to those in developed countries costs us an arm and a leg, or a Christmas Bonus, to get.

Interestingly, everyone whom I have consulted with and shared to about my plans to move back to the US are unanimous: "It would be great for you, two!"; "You'll finally be able to afford a car!"; "You'll get to replace your stolen iBook with a MacBook Pro!" They encourage and excite us with the possibilities.

The most recent encouragement came from a friend with three small boys whose job assigned her to LA for two years. She and her family have been back since last year and she told me: "Your daughter's already grown up. It'll be easier for you because you won't have to spend on Day Care or babysitting or juggling a job and a small child alone." I smiled at the reassurance. Our conversation ended with her voting for us to go to Orlando.

We are now in the middle of waiting for K's petition to be approved; the decision on our destination is still up in the air but our choices have been narrowed to either Orlando or Pearl City . So while we wait and stretch our faith, we pass the time with dreaming.

One of mine comes from a page from my dream book in 1999. I was in the middle of starting my direct marketing business and we were required to paste pictures of our dreams with deadlines in a scrapbook so we would stay motived to network, call, and meet with potential business partners. Pages were filled with vacation spots, cars, furniture, schools and cities around the world.

A page with a picture of Rockefeller Center at Christmastime showing ice skaters and the beautiful tree is nestled in between my dream of going to Disneyland and Paris. Pictures that I glued to my dream book eight years ago. My due date for New York was 2001.

Here we are, in a different season in our lives, making steps to accomplish a long forgotten dream. Without opening my old NuSkin scrapbook, my heart found Rockefeller Center at Christmas tucked away and filed under "Warm and Fuzzy Thoughts".

So this is now one of my goals - take K ice skating at Rockefeller Center for Christmas and her 18th birthday in December 2007.

May I ask that you pray with us that this dream come true...?

song playing on my ipod: you are my joy by the reindeer section


mikes said...

Yes... Yes.


Kevin said...

Oh, NYC at Christmastime...oh, skating at Rockefeller amazing. Lucky me to work less than a block away. :)

Without a doubt I'll be wishing for you to make it...if your blogs give even the slightest insight into your true self - you and K deserve it.

Thelma said...

awww.. *sniffling* super thanks, kevin.

Thelma said...

micah? =) thanks, hun.

sexy mom said...

yes, I will pray with you. in the end, whatever happens will be for your good and K's.

mikes said...

mikey. buuy. maan. :)