Friday, May 11, 2007

Good News from Hawaii!

My good friends R and J sent an SMS that their daughter D got her US Passport! J sent the text last April 30:

Gues wat! D just got her US Passport in the mail! Only6days aftr applying4 for it!,praizGod!We reachd our goal aftr 2yrs of paprwork&planning. Tnx4all the prayrs!
I am ecstatic for them. R and I chat recently and the expectation at that point was that they would have to wait for another two months. He was supposed to have flown home while J and D were to wait for D's passport. R shared that D was making plans of learning how to surf, getting a job, and buying her own car at seventeen. In other words, stay in Hawaii and send her folks back home to Manila.

Not likely to happen, R smiled through his big grinning emoticon on YM.

I would have gladly volunteered to let D stay with us. I've been her Tita (Auntie) Joey since she was six. But time has not yet revealed what our lot will be in this whole process and so I grinned back at R and threw in a big YM hug and 'Congratulations!!!!'

I know I will hear from them soon. Perhaps see them, or receive a phone call from a giddy J as soon as she returns and has gotten over her jet lag and has settled back into the rhythm of her life here in the Philippines. I anticipate her enthusiastic, "Joey! I just know Kyera's next! We're praying for you two, woman!"

I can't wait to see them. To hear their stories on Hawaii and the stretching of their faith, and be all the more bright-eyed and hopeful at the possibilities K's and my story holds.

My promise?

He has assigned me (us) my portion and my cup; He has made my lot secure. His boundary lines have fallen for me (us) in pleasant places; surely I (we) have a delightful inheritance.

Wherever in the world this journey ends, I know our lot will be the best - assigned, secure, pleasant, delightful.

Until then, the waiting and the dreaming continue.

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