Monday, May 21, 2007

J Called

Just got off the phone with J and I'm looking forward to seeing her and R sometime this week or next. They've just moved their radio station into a new office and are in the middle of getting through their own To-Do List which got long while they were away.

We chit-chat about how fast D got her US Passport while in Hawaii - five days!

J suspects the ease had a lot to do with Hawaii's smaller population compared to the mainland's. They were anticipating a two month wait so the five days was a great surprise!

So now they're back and I have yet to hear back from the US Embassy on K's approval. I'm estimating to get word on June 13 or thereabouts as J waited for 60 days for D's. I filed K's April 13.

I think I'll start posting my pretty finds on for inspiration.

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hotfish said...

Why is there always a long wait at government offices regardless what country you are in?

Thelma said...

i know! i guess red tape knows no bounds. and is no respecter of persons!