Thursday, June 14, 2007

17 Photography

I freelance as a writer for hire these days. I get gigs outside of work because I have editor and writer friends here and there. The real job though is a priority so I have had to turn down some pretty cool assignments. A motoring media challenge in Baguio was among the most recent.

My last gig involved reviewing Creative and Olympus products for their local distributor. Too bad all the photos I took of the NU 107 Rock Awards disappeared along with the rest of my stolen iBook last December. The E-330 was the coolest camera I ever laid my hands on. Thank God it wasn't taken along with my laptop.

Soon after returning it, I was given an Olympus mu-725 SW to test-drive. We lovedet. And the fact that I had it for four months made us all the more attached to it.

Sigh. Our real camera is a crappy Kodak EasyShare CX 7220 2.0MP that I got Kyera for Christmas four years ago. Since trying out the Olympuses, she despises our poor digicam.

At least we both got to experience the wonders of Olympus.

Guess who learned how to use the Self-timer functions and got really good at it.

We need an Olympus for real; 17 needs a ballet school in the US; and I need a writing gig that will hopefully take me out of town and get my mind off waiting for the US Embassy to tell me if my daughter's petition has been approved.

Le sigh. Le sigh. Le sigh.

song playing on kyera's ipod: it's beginning to get to me by snow patrol

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Ian said...

Great blog entry, Thelma! And excellent pictures. Hope Kyera gets into the ballet school she needs.