Monday, June 18, 2007

ClickComment Coolness

I just had a brush with great customer service.

I signed up for ClickComments a few days ago after stumbling upon it when I chanced upon this post that included one of my pastors in their list of Christian blogs - Steve Murrell who has been living in the Philippines since 1984.

All the blogs and websites that sign up for the service get featured here in the main showcase!

So if you are the type who is shy or too in a hurry to leave a comment, the ClickComments icons are a great way to express yourself.

Especially if you're here on Blogger. I can't say the same for those on, which is where I maintain my other blog. I still signed up though in an attempt to see if it would run and as expected, it didn't.

But since I knew it wouldn't, I wasn't bothered.

Lo and behold, today I was pleasantly surprised by this e-mail from the people behind ClickComments.


We noticed that you signed up for PostReach ClickComment for your blog on However, does not allow you to install your
own plug-ins. If you want ClickComments you will have to contact by logging into your dashboard and sending
them a message in their ‘feedback’ section of the dashboard.

We hope to make the ClickComments plug-in available on with
your help.

Hans and the PostReach team

Isn't that great?

I love pro-active customer service.

Why did I sign up for

Oh yeah. Pretty themes.

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