Friday, June 29, 2007

The Suspense That's Not Killing Me

So the Visa Application Papers K and I have been waiting for finally arrived last night at 8:30. We were out watching Transformers.

Still on a high from the 9:15 screening, we got home past midnight (it's 2 h 24 m) and were surprised to find a specially-delivered package on our kitchen table.

It was an official-looking brown envelope that held an official-looking letter addressed to K.

List of requirements now needs to be fulfilled, i.e. securing of more official, government-issued documents plus the paying of the filing fee of almost US $ 400 or its peso equivalent. When all of this is done, we will officially be at Step Two. Here's what Step One Point Five was like.

Still haven't figured out how to pay for this and still don't know where we're heading to in the US of A.

All I know as of now is that I'm leaving end of August and K might have to stay behind.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Love and happy thoughts to you.

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