Thursday, June 28, 2007

Aaaaaand... Here's Another New Blog Toy!

In my continuous scavenging and rummaging through cyberspace for cool blog finds both for myself and the office blog I maintain, I have come across some pretty neat stuff.

Sometimes I'll purposely be looking for something, but most of the time, my finds are serendipitous. And whether my searches are for work or self, when I find something that I think will add value (or cleverness by way of "What a cool trick!" exclamations) I immediately give it a try, implement, and use on the work blog. Or here.

Like today. I had been meaning to spruce up our conference blog so I ended up tinkering with the layout and widget choices available on Typepad. (It's forced me to become proficient at it despite the fact I'm not on Typepad myself.)

I was happy to discover Snap Shots. It came as a default function on my Wordpress so I immediately set it up for the office blog.

They have an option for Blogger so naturally, I got one for here!

Simply hover over any link and you immediately get a preview of what the link is. You can then either click knowing where you're going, or not.

And if you decide to get one yourself, click on the Advanced Options to choose specifics like adding a search bar, etc. Readers can always choose to turn it off by clicking on the upper right portion of the Snap Shot window.

In the meantime, my mind is filled with our world conference, the halftime shows we're organizing and of course, moving to the US!

Still waiting for the Visa Packet to arrive at home for K. Petition Approval letter arrived the other day with the note that "this approval is not a guarantee of a visa approval..."

Thinking happy thoughts.

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