Wednesday, June 20, 2007

vaccination against: icould'vedonemoreitis

petition got approved. wow. things feel so "official."

it really is happening. i just realized that i'll miss a lot. from philippine mangoes, to commuting, to the people i care about. so, right now, i'm trying to make the most out of everyday here in my beloved manila. i do, after all, have only a few months left of living here (hopefully.) and i don't wanna get the icould'vedonemoreitis syndrome.

i'm gonna try my best to enjoy commuting. try to spend more time creating memories with people. and, of course, eating all the mangoes that i can get my hands on!


MadMuse said...

So...where are you going to live??? East or West Coast? :)

Thelma said...

most likely on the east coast!! =) still not sure. logic tells me florida where i have friends but against my better judgment i wanna live near NYC, if not in NYC. jersey-ish or upstate new york.

any suggestions?

kyera says to just get there first and think later. LOL.

MadMuse said...

The school system in Florida is not as good as in the Northeast, and I must say that'll probably be true for ballet school, as well. I tired of Florida really quickly because there was hardly anything else aside from beaches and Disney. Yes, it's cheap to live there and there are no state taxes, sure, but that means less spending on eduction, culture, infrastructure and such. If Kyera is going to be in the arts, then I agree with you and live as close to NY as you can. The lure of Florida is weather, because it's close to what we have in PI - lots of sun, humidity, hurricanes, rains, with a smidgen of tornadoes. I must say I found more intellectual and cultural stimulation up in the North. Blizzards can be bad, I think, but I'll take that any day over hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes (West coast). That's me, though! And I chose Boston over NY because it's smaller and not as busy, and so culturally rich. I like the four seasons too. :) We should chat sometime. If you have a Yahoo account, ping me. My ID is launica777. :)

Thelma said...

great insights from a local. =) really appreciate your suggestions. let's yahoo soon!