Friday, August 10, 2007

Five Sleeps Left

Our lease is up on our current apartment. Actually it ended as of May 15, 2007. But because of this whole "moving back to the US" project, it didn't make sense to lease a new place for a few months; that, and it would have been too astronomical a price to pay.

So I did the next best thing any orphaned only child would do. I asked my ex-mother-in-law if her grandchild, together with her mother, could move in. She agreed.

We move in on August 15.

And we still haven't packed; still haven't sorted through our junk; still haven't realized the full ramifications of moving into someone else's home.

That last part is going to be a stretch for us seeing that we are so used to having our own space. Ten years will definitely a comfortable space make.

Wish us well as we divide our lives into piles labeled "Dump", "Donate", "Deliver".

I promise to be as ruthless as possible. No more pack rat-ing of stuff.

My motto is, "If it won't fit into two suitcases and two boxes, it has no place in my life."

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