Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 2: Thelma Looks Small... Sorta

(Disclaimer! I need to warn you before you proceed that I look hideous in these very unflattering pics of myself. But since I wanted my posts to be as honest as possible, you'll catch me in all my unmade up glory.

You've been warned.)

Still recovering from my jetlag. Slept close to midnight last night and woke at 5AM. Forced myself back to sleep and got up at 9 then slept again at 12. Was hoping it would be a short nap but I ended up waking at 330PM!

Here's me in the kitchen. Look at how 5'2" me is coping with these American sized sinks and countertops!

I love that I didn't have to actually wash anything. Just rinsed off the grease and food and dumped everything in the dishwaher. Having lived in Manila, I can't imagine why as a kid in Portland, Oregon, I used to complain about "doing the dishes".

It's almost past midnight now and I'm psyching myself up to sleep. I'm best friends with Craigs List as I search for a room to rent that's near the Metro (train to DC) and my friends (Vincent and Cecile).

I miss Kyera but I also realize that me being here ahead of her really is for the better. One of us needs to be ahead on the learning curve! I'm so glad that because of Twitter and YM she's not too far away from me. Nor are my other beloved Twitter friends in Manila. I'm so thankful too that because of blogs and social networking, the world is smaller. Not the same, but almost just as good as the real thing.

Will try to go to sleep now. Tomorrow I will call the people I've e-mailed about their rooms. Hopefully, my next post will be from my new temporary home!

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