Saturday, September 29, 2007

Days 7-11: Landing at Another New Beginning

I'm typing this in the living room of my dear, dear friends Michael and Janet. I've been here in Tallahassee, Florida since Wednesday the 26th.

I had a change of heart about my new life in Metro DC and decided I needed to be with old friends as I transition into my new (old) life in the US. So I bid my wonderful church in Washington DC farewell and booked a flight south.

Six days in the Dinh residence was a great mini-vacation for me. It was an interesting learning experience!

GPS for cars are a common sight. There's absolutely no reason for motorists to ever get lost again!

The drive to Reagan National Airport was scenic. I got to admire the beautiful tree-lined road that had a bicycle/jogging trail from Alexandria to DC!

I almost missed my transfer in Memphis because my flight left thirty minutes late. Thank God I didn't have to spend the night in Memphis if I did miss it! So after a sprint from one gate to my connecting flight, I was finally headed to Tallahassee. It was a total of four hours from DC to Florida's capital.

A nice Chinese lady offered to take my picture as I exited the airport with Janet and Zephan. I'll post an album on my Multiply site of the random pictures of my time here so far.

I'm happy to share that I'm well on my way to proving my domicile - State ID, bank account, employment, library card, pictures, a place of residence, Target store card, a mobile phone, etc. - and I'm praying Kyera will be here sooner than I expected.

It's been rough this past week or so. I really, really, really miss my daughter. I find myself crying at least once a day because I miss her so much. But God's grace has been amazing! I'm truly being stretched beyond what I am used to! This is definitely new and unfamiliar territory for me in every way - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically.

The cool part is that when I am at my rope's end, I have Filipino friends I can call! G3 from Alabang! May Cabotaje from Ortigas! They know what it's like to be half a world away from family and friends. I LOVE unlimited calling after 7PM and on weekends! It's the best!

I can honestly say that I have such a deeper respect for missionaries and OFWs now. And even a greater patience for people who are slow and inefficient.

Case in point: I still haven't memorized my cell phone number! Because of this, I held up a long line at Target today because I fumbled through my unfamiliar Motorola phone for my number when I applied for my Target Red Card! (Nokia is virtually non-existent here!) It was EMBARRASSING to say the least. If you know me well, you know how little tolerance I have for people who hold up lines. I am pretty sure that I will never be the same again to others. After all, I'm walking in their shoes!

Even the littlest things amaze me! The endless trips for refills of any flavor at McDonald's; the money back guarantee without questions on items returned within 7 days; the overwhelming choices for shampoos, lotions, cereals, soaps, detergents, among other things!

I am amazed by God and life in America.

I know that being here ahead of my child is truly in His wisdom. I just miss her so much, you know? But I know God will reunite us. It's only a matter of time.

Pray with me please?

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