Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 6: Thelma Starts Work

We'll be moving into our office in DC sometime next month so for the meantime, we work out of home. (Insert jealous smirk here. Hahaha!) I've learned quickly that it takes discipline to get out of your pajamas and attend to your hygiene when this is the scenario but I love it so far.

Almost every house, condo, apartment and townhouse here has wifi and/or a broadband connection, so it's relatively easy to do actual work via Skype, YM, and e-mail with colleagues.

Still haven't found a room. Please pray for me that I do soon. I'm looking for a place that will have room for Kyera; that's near transportation - bus routes and the Metro (train to and from DC); near grocery stores and drug stores; and in a good, safe neighborhood.

Today, I decided to take a picture of my view from the Dinh's living room in case I move out soon. It's a gorgeous view from the 17th floor of their building. That's Washington DC in the distance.

I got to go the grocery store for the first time! Pastor Vincent and I went to a place called Whole Mart (?). Can't remember. I was too busy looking at all the international ethnicities in the parking lot. This store had food and spices from across Asia, Latin America, and I think I saw Africa represented too. There were hardly any white people.

I wish I could have spent more time exploring the aisles and examining labels but we had to get home. I am confident I can go back alone though. It's right across my favorite shopping center.


jazzbo said...

Hi Thelma, I've been following your posts on Twitter and on this blog, and I was shocked at the sudden transition from Day 6 (happy at the thought of telecommuting) to Day 7 (moving down to Florida and doing janitor work). It seems to me there are bigger economic and not to mention cultural opportunities in a major US city. Your daughter's ballet inclinations would have a better chance to flower in a place like DC. I wonder what triggered the sudden decision.

Still if you want to be with your friends, that's ok. Later on you may want to reconsider to Central Florida (Orlando) or further south (Miami), which are bigger cities.

Thelma said...

thanks for stopping by, jazzbo!

my decision doesn't make sense and while i know that it may be hard to understand why someone as supposedly adventurous and cosmopolitan like myself, who would thrive in a major US city, chose not to, i realized that living overseas for 27 years wrung out all of my sense of... american-ness.

i just could not cope with being in a new place without anything or anyone familiar. i desperately needed a sense of community with people i've known for years while i navigate my way through re-learning the culture.

the other is that old friends are the best to be with because they have gone out on a limb to help me get settled in and employed ASAP.

the goal is: get daughter here. big cities can wait for us. =)

i do see us living in or near NYC... someday. but for now, here is a good place to start.