Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 5: Random Scenes from a First Sunday

Just some of the things I saw and did on my first Sunday at my new church, Metro Morningstar DC. I came just at the start of a series called "Keep Your Day Job". Insightful preaching today on why work is God's idea!

Had lunch with Pastor Don and his family and didn't get to finish my Ruben Sandwich from Clyde's. This is just a quarter of it. Imagine how big it was! I ate it in three sittings throughout the afternoon when I got home.

On our way back to Alexandria, we passed the Washington monument where a large crowd was gathered for La Boheme! Live theater and operas are just two of the things I plan to do when Kyera gets here.

First I need to figure out how to get around on the buses and the many Metro lines. Have only been brave enough to figure out my way to two shopping centers. But of course!

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