Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 4: Cereal and Retail Therapy

The Jones girls - Moriah, Gabriella, Serena and Macaiah - and I had breakfast that their father, Pastor Don made. It was my first time to eat grits and chicken applesauce. Yummy. Grits is like a fine porridge and the girls taught me how to eat it with butter.

Over dinner last night, our conversation went from my sharing how amazed I was by CVS. That discussion turned into me then sharing how much I miss Lucky Charms and how it's one of the things I'm getting when I get groceries.

This morning, Pastor Don surprised me with a box of Lucky Charms. The girls and I had a bowl with Vanilla flavored Silk Soy Milk. Yummmmmy.

Marianne and Serena brought me back to Alexandria and after getting to Pastor V and Cecile's, I decided I needed some retail therapy. Legitimate retail therapy for toiletries and unmentionables. So off I ventured alone to a nearby mall. I took the buses by myself! (I just need to say that commuting in the US rocks - buses follow a schedule; you can use a reloadable card for fare; buses are clean.) Having had my share of non-air-conditioned public transportation in the Philippines, commuting here is... divine.

Will spare you the details of my introduction at Ross and Marshalls. Suffice it to say I got home after four hours a very, very happy girl. Fall is around the corner and I've been warned more than once that I better be ready for the drop in temperatures so I bought a pair of $ 20 boots.

The whole time I was there though, all I could think of was how much Kyera is going to LOVE the shops here. I couldn't help but look at clothes and shoes in her size and imagine how she'll go nuts walking up and down the aisles.

At least by then, one of us will be jaded and much less wide-eyed. Maybe.

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