Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kyera's Immigrant Visa Interview

While my body fights off a UTI with 800mg of antibiotics, it's past 2PM on the day of Kyera's Immigrant Visa interview. Neither of us slept well last night. In between my fever and stress, I hardly slept a wink. I think she was a little nervous plus she's not used to sleeping before midnight!

We were up at 3AM to be at the embassy by 0430. I had a cab pick us up outside our compound to be sure we wouldn't be late. We arrived there at 0420 for her 0630 interview and sat down at a waiting shed. But then I decided to move to plastic seats near the other applicants. Said seats were arranged facing the road. Good thing the pre-dawn spared us somewhat from the pollution level.

Then a lady asked for twenty pesos each for the chairs we sat on. We couldn't help but crack up at the idea of sitting on the side of the road in chairs we had to pay for to sit on! The clincher came two minutes later when the guard called for us to line up. What a waste of my forty pesos! Too funny.

The long and short of our morning is this: painstakingly long wait for an interview that started around 1000; temporary refusal of K's Visa until I establish domicility.

The consul was nice and warm and even pronounced K's name right - kie-ruh. The KYE rhymes with p-i-e.

So I'm moving back on September 19 without her. Hopefully she'll get to follow me in a month or two.

Had a good cry a while ago but I'm thankful for the peace that transcends all understanding. It's been soothing me and calming me like a balm.

God is working out everything for our best. I'm certain He's teaching us both to depend on Him alone even more. I need to learn how life is like without her and she needs to learn how to depend on God alone.

Well, at least Kyera is getting her wish to fly alone. And she'll get to spend more time with her friends.

I, on the other hand, need to finish brutally purging and packing my things before the 19th.


It's all good.

God knows. And His love for us is just as high, and wide, and deep, and long, as ever.

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