Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thinking About His Love

While reading my Bible this morning, I was reminded of an old favorite song I used to play on my car cassette deck. It was on a beautiful acappella album that came out in 1992 or 1993. I'm trying to look for it amidst all of my purging and packing, but even if I do find it, I seriously doubt it can still be played. Too bad I didn't buy it on CD at the time. But it was too expensive a purchase back in those days. (Insert guffaw) Well, it was after all more than a decade ago!

The words came like I was listening to it all over again in my 1991 Kia Pride sedan as I talked to God and poured out my fears and doubts at His feet. More than the outcome of this whole process, I was reminded that no matter what happens, God's love remains the same; God Himself remains good and kind and steadfast and true to us.

He has already made Wednesday and knows what will happen that morning. It is for Kyera and me to simply know that He is God and that He works everything out for our good. He already has the plans for our lives mapped out!

So here's that song. May it continue to cause us to want to seek His face, and not just His hand. And drive us to our knees at the wonder of His love no matter what happens in our lives and no matter where we end up.

Think About His Love

Think about His love, think about his goodness,
Think about His grace that's brought us through.
For as high as the heavens above, so great is the measure of our Father's love;
Great is the measure of our Father's love.

How could I forget his love? How could I forget His mercy?
He satisfies, He satisfies, He satisfies my desires.
Great is the measure of our Father's love.

Walt Harrah © 1987 Integrity's Hosanna! Music.

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