Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 22 of 90: Sometimes I Feel Like Paris Hilton

I changed the format of my titles since I'm only doing this series for my first ninety days back in the US. After this, I'll be back to my usual, sporadic postings.

I have moments while I'm working wherein I feel like giving up because I'm so exhausted. My pampered life in Manila did not prepare me for housekeeping a mall that requires me to be on my feet and on the go for eight hours per shift!

Last night while I was on the night shift, I sang Hillsong's You Have Made Me Glad to pull me through the last couple hours. As I proudly swept and cleaned tables at the food court, happy to finally get the hang of this job, my supervisor came up to me and asked, "Did you mop?"

He hadn't told me to so I didn't think to. I threw myself into moving chairs and benches to sweep every inch that I didn't realize mopping was the priority.

"You better mop now coz you don't have that much time left... it's 11:15..." My shift was supposed to end at midnight. I wanted to ask him, "Like... would I have to like, stay beyond my shift...? That's not hot."

So off I went looking for said mop only to find it decided to not be where it's supposed to be.

My course of action? Hands and knees with rag in hand to wipe down sticky portions.

Then Lupita came to my rescue! "What you do? You need mop? I go get mop." She disappeared and as I heard the theme song of Wonder Woman in my head, she came into view with our trusty supply cart and proceeded to mop. "Here... you take other mop..."

We got the job done at exactly midnight. I don't know what I would have done without her!

The one thing I know I will have from this possibly soon to end job is a lifetime of skilled cleaning of my future homes and a deep affection for the people who clean malls.

And now you can say you know someone who did.

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