Sunday, October 14, 2007

Days 23-26 of 90: Greek and Grace

Autumn is beautiful in this place I now call home. The weather is nice and cool and reminds me of a chilly Tagaytay evening. I'm told it will get colder and that I will need a coat! But there is no snowfall since Florida is after all the Sunshine State. There are trees everywhere! And because it's Fall, there are always leaves on the ground. Kyera and I will have to take a trip up to Nashville and New York for the snow.

Tallahassee is fondly referred to as a "little college town" because of the presence of FSU (Florida State University) and FAMU (Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University). Florida's capital has a population of approximately 150,000. My adult dream of getting my college diploma before I turn 50 just might come true here!

I am diligently looking for a new job. My prayer is that God will place me where all of my skills and experience will be fully maximized. My eclectic resume covers an extensive background in communications but I'm learning that it is a challenge having come from a white-collar job (i.e. comfortable desk) in the Philippines. I am realizing that starting from scratch at my age and without a degree looks impossible for me to succeed. But I know that there is nothing impossible with God! So I wait.

Many things here are still Greek to me. Drive-thru bank transactions, overnight check clearing, bank debit cards and credit cards allowed at fast food chains, drive-thru utility paying, ten-minute oil changes. I'm getting used to living again in the US but I know it will take a month or so until it'll be part of my everyday reality. For now, I'm still in awe and pinching myself every time I discover something that to others is normal and commonplace.

We went to the annual Greek Food Festival held by the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church for an immersion in Greek culture.

The food was amazing! And though we didn't get to stay for much of the cultural show, I had a good time.

God is so good! I've started sleeping through the night and dreaming in full color again. And I'm falling in love with my new close-knit, family-oriented yet filled with college kids church that's starting to feel like Alabang did. Even if things seem Greek to me, God is more than able to make His Grace abound, that in all things and at all times, I have all I need.

All that remains is for Kyera to be here.

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