Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 30 of 90: Thelma Gets to Drive

I left the Philippines on September 19, which was actually September 18 here in the US. I arrived here on the 19th (which still boggles my mind to realize that I had two September 19s this year, although they were spent sitting on airplanes...)


Today is my 30th day back in the US. Or perhaps it's tomorrow? Either way, I am here and waiting for Kyera.

I sent her all the proof that I am now domiciled in Florida. Not only do I have a state ID, credit card, a store card, a bank account and payslips, but as of today, I am now a licensed driver in Florida!

I made an appointment... online, showed up and took the fully automated exams - rules and signs in thirty minutes, and then had to drive by following an examiner's instructions. At the end of the fifteen minute or so session, he turned to me and asked, "Have you driven before? Excellent job!"

I smiled. "Twenty-two years actually.... just not in the US."

"Let's go back inside so I can give you your license."

I'm not happy about my pic. Whoever is? But I'm pretty excited that I can now drive, drive, drive! I still have my valid Philippine license though. (I'm keeping it in my wallet for sentimental and Manila vacation purposes.) It didn't get me exempted from taking either exams but it did give me an exemption from the four-hour Drug and Alcohol Exam. Whew!

What exciting things have been happening in your life?

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