Saturday, November 3, 2007

Days 37-43: Halloween & Library Love in the Time of Stomach Flu

Greetings from a chilly Tallahassee!

The weather is starting to feel more like Baguio instead of Tagaytay and less like Manila. A light jacket is a must but I've been pretending to look like a local by not wearing any. Until Halloween. For some reason, I felt cold that day so after reassurance from the Turners that it was okay to wear a coat, I did.

It was nice to get out after a bout with stomach flu. I had intense pressure and bloating in my stomach similar to gas (insert giggles here) but nothing would make the pain go away! I had no appetite and was curled up in bed mostly for three days. I tried everything - over the counter (OTC) remedies, baking soda, a heating pad, warm water - but nothing worked. I guess all it took was for it to run its natural course.

Our neighborhood library lets you borrow up to 50 items at a time - books, audio books, music CDs, DVDs, VHS - so I was well stocked with books.

Not being able to eat well, I made up for it Halloween dinner when we went to a pizza place called Cici's Pizza. Buffet pizza spread!

We then head for the mall where stores gave away candies to kids in costume. They started at 5PM but by the time we got there at around 630-ish, many of the stores were starting to, or had already run out of goodies.

The kids did have a good time though and were tired when we called it a good haul by 830-ish.

A lot of the parents who took their kids were also in costumes. I saw Captain Jack Sparrow and medical themed families in scrubs. Most kids were in store bought costumes but I did see a handful in good old-fashioned creatively self-made outfits. (Sorry, no pictures. I'm careful about taking photos of strangers without their permission...)

Leading up to Halloween, a store called Party City put costumed reps out on their street corner to attract customers. We drove by one afternoon and I did manage to take this moving picture of Davey Jones!

I wanted to get a blonde wig but figured I wouldn't be able to use it after Halloween so I decided to go dressed as a thirty-something Asian chick with dyed brown hair instead.

Kyera and I are still waiting for her visa. Week One was only a two-day work week so no word yet. We're hoping this coming Week Two will by THE WEEK. Please pray with us.

And pray for a job opportunity I'm exploring in Orlando. Another move and another adventure just might be waiting for me there.

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