Thursday, November 8, 2007

Days 48 & 49 of 90: Orlando Bound

A little past my halfway mark of the First Ninety Days Back in the US series, I look back at the places I've been to since returning to America last September 19th.

First stop was Metro Morningstar DC where I visited for six days.

Then on to Tallahassee last September 25th to be reunited with the Turners. I've known them since 1995 when Michael and Janet moved to the Philippines and stayed for close to eight years. I got to see them last year when I attended the Every Nation International Leadership Conference. I've been staying with them all this time.

Tomorrow I head to Orlando to visit with a long, lost aunt who I haven't seen since my mom's funeral in 1997. I only recently found out she lives in Orlando! I'll get to see my Victory Christian Fellowship pastors and their families - the Duques, the Magpantays, and hopefully the Punzalans too!

I'll stay for ten days to explore the job market. The highlight of my visit is KYERA'S ARRIVAL on Tuesday the 13th!!

I miss hearing Christmas carols at the malls in Manila as early as September. Nothing like that here.

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Chayenne said...

Padating na si Kyera! I'm so happy for you, pero can I say that I'm a little bit jealous, too? Si Chi kaya, kailan dadating dito? :|