Sunday, November 11, 2007

Days 50-52 of 90: Two Sleeps til Kyera

I said good-bye to my child almost eight weeks ago. I left her in Manila as instructed by the US Embassy to re-establish myself as an adult in the US. The longest we've been apart was for ten days when she was 22 months-old when I worked as a Liaison Officer for the Boardsailing event of the 13th SEA Games which were held in Manila in 1991. Of course, I was still married at the time and we lived with my mother, so technically she wasn't alone.

Being a single parent since she was two, Kyera and I became, and have been, very close. More so since the time my mother passed away in 1997. Losing my mom meant I was truly left alone to fend for us.

The past ten years have been an incredible testimony of the countless volumes of Grace and Goodness that come from God alone.

Eight weeks and half a world away from her later, I miss her with all my heart and feel as if a part of me has been missing. There will be time enough for her to grow up and leave me. But for now, all I want is to see and hold her again.

She flies to me on Tuesday at 6AM, Manila Time. Or Monday at 5PM, Eastern Time. She'll land Tuesday afternoon.

Please pray for her trip to be safe and for her to find favor every step of the way from Manila to Detroit to Orlando. And for grace, peace and joy to fill her as she spends her last day and night in the Philippines.

I know it will not be easy to leave.

I felt the same way eight weeks ago.

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