Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dear Blog Reader

It's been exactly 62 days since I last posted an entry. Assuming you have been dropping by periodically to see what's been going on and whether I finally got a job, I have good news and good reason to explain my absence. I did get a job!

I am not at liberty to divulge the specifics of where it is that I work (pending further research into the organization's blogging policy) but I can say that I am at an important hotel here in Orlando and that I am a Concierge. I am having a blast putting all of my past experience to good use in this my first Hospitality/ Hotel position.

While I have much to say on how I'm transitioning into this new role, I'll save this for another blog for when I have more time to write and when I'm not rushing an entry. Like now.

The biggest challenge of not being my usual cyber-addicted self is having to share a laptop with an eighteen year-old. We need another computer! This, and the tired that hits me after work and the need to make dinner or wash dishes clamor for my time. This concept was alien to me in the Philippines. More on this in yet another future blog.

(Notes to self to blog about: working in operations, the "luxury" of live-in help, credit or debit, joining the diaspora.)

So that's where I disappeared to. Thank you for your visits!

As ever,


Roxy said...

Thelma!!!! How are you doing? I found your blog thru Multiply. OMG!!! It's been so long!!!

Thelma said...

mrs kurze!!!!!! OMG!!!