Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Six Months and Counting

I missed my six months of being back in the US mark . It came and went uneventfully last week on March 19. I celebrated it sans blog and nose to the grind at the new job. Yes. The new job that has been keeping me from blogging. New job that has me on my feet for seven and a half hours straight and teen-age daughter, that is. Teenage daughter who has our laptop perennially attached to her hands to be exact.

So today, as said daughter was in the middle of reviewing for her college placing exam, while I checked my e-mail, I sneaked in this blog. I don't know what has been tiring me more. The having to stand on my feet all day long, the constant refilling, re-stocking and replenishing of food and beverages where I work, or the thirty minute break for lunch that never seems to be long enough?

I have so much more to say than the nothing I have been saying since my last post but let's keep this one short and sweet... and painless, and limit my thoughts to a simple "Thank you for cheering me on while I looked high and low for a job."

Now that I have one, the question now is whether or not I should find another one to bring more money in. Or another job altogether. Or be still and keep this one and see what happens.

The nametag? I decided to use my old radio name. It makes for an interesting conversation when guests ask if my real name is Josephine. I get to tell them that I used to have a morning show... in the Philippines. No one seems to be shocked that nowadays, I make coffee and clean tables at a lounge. If anything, they are amused at my sense of humor and enjoy that I keep the coffee and pastries coming.

Call it a captive audience. Only this time, I don't have a microphone but I have lots of food.


roxy said...

woohoo! i'm glad you posted another entry. i've been checking your blog everyday since i'm always online... :)

anyway, i'm glad that you found a job even though it's far different from your job back home. i wish you the best as always.

i'll talk to you tomorrow after 3!

much love,


Lowell said...

yey! a blog entry cool!