Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You, 2008, I'm Glad You're Over So We Can Take On 2009

The biggies that happened to us this past year:

1. I got a job! I took a chance and returned to a hotel where I applied at last year and gave it a second shot. I was in the right place at the right time this time around and found myself employed on January 30th as a Club Concierge after waiting for close to five months.

2. Kyera got a job! We went to get her eyes checked for glasses and the doctor was impressed by her English. (People assume Filipinos can't speak English...) She offered her a part-time job on the spot and a month later, Kyera was wearing scrubs.

3. We moved into our own place! We had been living at my aunt's house until she re-married and moved out of state. Good thing our application at a low-cost housing complex was accepted!

4. I got my own website! My dear, dear friend, Roxy Francisco Kurze aka Shockboogieninja and I reconnected after a good six years and she offered to make me one. We found each other where else but online. She is a very talented, and very gorgeous, designer/audio engineer. She and hubby Jeff are a most adorable couple. She's in Michigan and we hope to see each other one of these days in Chicago.

5. Rocco came into our life! My supervisor called me one Sunday and asked if I still wanted a dog. I said yes. He then explained that his Yorkie had a littermate who was on his way to his new home when the owner changed her mind. The breeder couldn't keep him so they needed someone to take him in so technically, we rescued our little boy.

6. Trisha came to Orlando! Kyera's buddy from our church in the Philippines was in town vacationing at Disney so she invited K to join her. It was a much needed visit for my very lonely daughter.

7. The Turners came to Orlando! This family is our family because we are theirs. Kyera and I have been so privileged to be "adopted" into dear friends' families that we genuinely feel a part. We miss the Titulars, the Santos-Calayans, and the Mayugas in the Philippines but are so grateful for our family here, the Turners. When I first landed back in the US last year, they took me in and took care of me and made sure I got everything I needed to get Kyera here. They may be in Tallahassee, but they are forever our "Mom", "Dad", and boys.

8. My other best friend and her son came to visit! Len and Miguel are another family that are family. They made a side trip to Orlando on their way to San Francisco just to see us after being apart for eleven months. When I left Manila, Kyera was Len's adopted daughter.

9. Miguel came back to Orlando! To make Kyera's 19th birthday special, Miguel is spending/spent a week of his month-long Christmas break with us. He's been such a refreshing presence for us. I love him dearly like my own. We hope to visit him next year in San Francisco.

10. I got promoted to supervisor! After my sixth month at our hotel, I put in an application for a transfer and promotion. I waited for six long weeks for the phone call that would sound like this, "I'm calling to make the official job offer...." Yay!!!!

There's more to say and more to thank but I'll leave it at: Thank you, God, for being faithful to us even when we are faithless.

We are excited about the cool things we expect to happen in 2009!!

Nothing is impossible.

Happy New Year!!!!!


Daryl said...

I truly truly miss you. I remember the times we talked about me getting a job in theater, and now that I have it and since I see you online almost everyday, I remember you just as often.

I wish there was some way I could drop by and just catch up with you. Until then, here's a hug. I hope it's good enough. :)

Thelma said...

I truly miss YOU, Darmy. I'm so proud of you making your dream come true! And I'm so glad you're on Twitter because it's kept us more aware of each others' presence in a way that e-mail cannot - immediate and ambient.

Your hug is warmly received... and sent back into your arms, dearest.

Roxy said...

Happy 2009 dear!!!! Aw.. you're so sweet. Thanks for the kind words:)
And yes, what a wonderful and crazy 2008 has been. Full of ups and downs but you only get stronger and wiser at the end of it all. Here's to a new and exciting year ahead! Hope to see you very soon. Btw, Jeff and I are planning a Discovery Cove trip sometime this spring. We want to visit you and Kyera too! <3