Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Breaks My Heart

I'm a big cry baby. Anyone who knows me in Real Life can attest to this fact. It doesn't take much to draw tears out of me. The waterworks flow from everything from TV commercials, poens, books, movies, choreography, photos, newspaper articles, and blogs. Stories that are happy, sad, profound, and outrageous.

Like this one about my beloved Philippines.

One of many throughout its history.

There has to be an end to stories like these. Where the bad guys get what they deserve and tears have no place.

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Roxy said...

Isn't that just horrible? I've been reading this story everywhere. Ugh... it makes me sick knowing how the stupid politicians back home are so into power tripping. I can't believe how inhumane this alleged mayor is. Bad karma.... he better watch out for that.