Monday, July 30, 2007

Seventeen Days Later and My Life as a Strawberry Blonde

Life is finally starting to return to normal at work. With our Every Nation World Conference, EN07, over and done, I can now re-focus on the most important task at hand - moving back to the US!

The birthday was last Friday and it was uneventful save for my feelin' the love from text messages, calls and tweets. I was at work all day. My boss and an officemate took me to lunch at Teriyaki Boy for sushi and tofu. Kids from church surprised me with a chocolate cake that evening before Kyera and I headed to Ratatouille with friends.

My mind has been set on my daughter hearing back from the embassy by mid-September since I submitted the readiness document only last July 13. But to my surprise, she just got word today that she's scheduled for an interview at the end of the month.

(insert excited shrieks here)

I've been randomly trawling cyberspace sporadically to take my mind off the huuuuge mind map I have for our move. So I logged into my old friendster account and found this photo on a good friend's profile. (Thanks, Arnel Carrion!)

It's me from my stint as an actress for Repertory Philippines during their 2000-2001 season.

This is me as 5B in Murder for Rent. The hair is really mine. And it wasn't a requirement for the role. It did, however, fit my eccentric character. Just her... I'm as normal as can be... *wink wink*

So please pray for my daughter that her visa will be approved. And that someday, her mother will get to act again. Or dye her hair some strange color one more time.

song playing in the office: the violent clapping of thunder outside

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