Thursday, July 12, 2007

Step Two: The Funny Thing About Serendipity

Woke at 5AM and headed to the US Embassy to submit a document that says K is ready with her papers. Something that I actually could have done last week. Or ten days ago when the Visa application arrived.

It would have saved me my acidic stomach and the stress-relieving trip to the stylist to chop off my hair.

But it was my fault.

R and J paid me a surprise visit at my office yesterday! Since I haven't been able to drag my but to their side of Makati, they came unannounced and we got to do our long overdue, albeit brief, catching up, while they killed time before heading to a recording.

Of course, the topic of where I am in the process of getting K's papers in order came up.

They recalled their timelines of official documents arriving, and interview dates being secured, and it was revealed to me, and reminded to them, that one of the papers can be submitted as soon as possible even while still completing requirements. And no fees are needed yet.


So off I went this morning. I arrived at ten to seven and was told to wait until eight for a certain window to open. Said window opened and I was then told I was at the wrong window. The window where I was supposed to go had no lines and all I had to do was hand over a piece of paper.

guard made me wait at the wrong window for more than an hour only to be told to go to a different one where i spent FIVE seconds.


Sprite said...

Isn't it just so cool when we get out of our own way & let things happen, in faith, as they're supposed to? I think you're incredibly brave to be going through all of this. I hope the rest goes smoothly for you. I'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way. *hugs*

houseband00 said...

All the best on the interview, Thelma. =)

Thelma said...

thanks, sprite! *hug*

Thelma said...

thanks, houseband00! appreciate the thoughts. my daughter is encouraged to know that our blog-friends are cheering her on. =)