Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Someone's Birthday This Way Comes

Looks like I found yet another new toy. Shouldn't Kyera be the one doing these things? You may be asking yourself. She would be if only our crappy internet at home would work...

SmartBRO sucks eggs. Eggs!!!

That's one thing I want for my birthday - a decent connection at home.

And of course, a plane ticket, a place to stay, Kyera's Visa approved, and lots of cake and ice cream.

And maybe a pretty bouquet of flowers.

And a trip to the beach.

And an iPhone.


SexyMom said...

you and Kyera are so blessed!

hotfish said...

I want an iPhone too. And yes, I want an internet connection as well. A RELIABLE connection. (I don't want another birthday, though. That's like, getting OLD(er)) ugh. Nope. I am 29 forevah! :) :)